Reader’s Rocket: Barra-swapped XD Falcon wagon

Shane Butler chose a naturally aspirated Barra engine swap for his XD wagon because he wanted a "mega-reliable cruiser"


“My 1979 XD Falcon wagon left the factory as a 3.3L (200ci) crossflow with a column-shift three-speed auto and ‘dickie seat’. I’ve put in a naturally aspirated Barra and four-speed BTR transmission (converted to floor shift), and replaced the dickie seat with a centre console.

First published in the October 2023 issue of Street Machine

“All works have been carried out by The Car Garage. Plenty of other less glamorous things have been added to get the car engineered (brakes, seatbelts, etc), and it’s been resprayed in the original Ghost Gum Beige paint.

“There’s intentionally no turbo; I just wanted a mega-reliable cruiser – the ‘go fast’ money will be spent on another project.

“If you know anyone who places absolutely no value on their time and wants to know more about the swap, there’s a cringe-filled playlist on my Fuel Burn Media YouTube channel, and obviously there’s always self-indulgent nonsense on my Instagram @the_trooper_xd.”