1200hp XD Ford Falcon sleeper – video

The Tunnel Vision XD Falcon is getting quicker and quicker!


JASON from Tunnel Vision Turbocharging screwed this mega-tough XD Falcon together just in time for last year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge and ended up winning trophies for having both the fastest six-cylinder and the fastest Ford outright.

Under the bonnet is a built FG Falcon Barra inline six, wearing Tunnel Vision manifolds and a Garrett GT47 turbo. With an E85 fuel system and Haltech Elite 2500 brain box, the motor puts out around 1200hp. The driveline consists of a TH400 three-speed auto and a 9inch diff with 35-spline axles. The car races in full street trim, including 275 radials fitted to cunningly-widened factory ‘snowflake’ rims.

Ford Falcon XDThe 3680lb car ran a best of 9.04-seconds at Swan Hill during Drag Challenge, but recently cracked the eight-second zone at Calder Park and has now improved to a best of 8.69 at 158mph! What a monster.

And as Jason has many runs on the board with both Falcon sixes and LPG, he’s just the guy to help us get our Turbo Taxi running hard on sausage fuel. Stay tuned for Episode Three of Carnage later this month, so see what he and Scotty come up with.