Barra-powered FG F6 Falcon makes 1000rwkW on the dyno – Video

FPV F6 makes over 1000rwkW thanks to a Tunnel Vision-built Barra motor running over 40psi!

Videographers: Fullboost

WE ALL know how strong the Ford Barra 4.0-litre straight-six is in standard form. Our unopened stock-bottom-end LPG engine with over 300,000km was making around 500rwhp before it finally let go in the most recent episode of Carnage. Factory XR6 Turbo motors are even tougher, and are capable of running nine-second quarter-mile times with basic mods.

When you go the next step and move to forged internals, these mills are capable of silly amounts of power, as Anel Karic recently found out with his Tunnel Vision-built FPV F6. Jason Ghiller at Tunnel Vision stripped the factory F6 motor and had a set of custom SPS pistons machined up to suit. A Tunnel Vision billet crankshaft and Nitto rods complete the rotating assembly.

On the hot side the Barra runs a 6boost exhaust manifold with an 88mm Garrett GTX47 turbo, which blows boosted air through a Jonny Tig intercooler. Jason also machined up one of his own custom intake manifolds for the combo, similar to what’s on his own Drag Challenge-conquering low-eight-second Barra-powered XD Falcon street car.

A MoTeC M150 ECU runs a set of 2400cc injectors linked up to an E85 fuel system. At full noise the whole deal runs over 40psi of boost on a factory Ford engine block. Through a Powerglide trans and toughened-up independent rear end, the car made a tickle over 1 megawatt at the rear tyres – 1004kW all up (1347hp)!

Safe to say this is one tough and fairly stealthy street car that’s capable of melting a set of tyres at will.