Holden’s Project Monaro – part 5

Craig Lowndes puts Project Monaro through its paces at the Lang Lang Proving Ground

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

IN THIS, the final instalment of Holden’s Project Monaro build, the finished product is finally revealed before motorsport legend Craig Lowndes takes the wheel to prove its mettle at Holden’s historic Lang Lang Proving Ground.

Project Monaro has been rebuilt, refined and reimagined from the ground up by Holden using ACDelco and Holden genuine parts, together with some key partners who helped elevate the build to the next level.

Red Bull Racing developed and dyno’d the Sachs/Eibach suspension package in-house, while Fabietti Race Engines rebuilt and tweaked the LS1 V8 with a Chevrolet Performance camshaft and some CNC-machined heads. The brakes are HSV-spec AP Racing items, and the paint is a custom hue from PPG, while the look is further enhanced with some stunning 3D-printed aero components.

According to Lowndesy, it makes for an engaging drive. “It’s unbelievable to see the transformation from when we first saw the car at the Holden Design Studio to what it is now,” he says. “It feels much nicer and hugs the road better; a much more modern car to drive than I remember the Monaro being when it first came out. The engine at idle has a nice rock to it, but when you drive it, it’s smooth; nice and responsive. And the brakes are good!”

Check out a full feature on Project Monaro in the December issue of Street Machine. It’s a killer car, and the best part about it is you can win the thing! Watch the video to find out how.