Project Monaro episode two – Video

Holden’s revamp of its very own CV8 Monaro continues


PART two of Holden’s Project Monaro build is here, where Holden is building the ultimate example of a CV8 Monaro for one lucky person to win.

In this episode, the car gets sent to a Holden dealer for a full tear-down before heading to the panel beaters for some long-overdue love and the start of an unusual colour change. The donk and entire subframe is pulled out, with the LS1 mill getting sent to the legendary Maurice Fabietti, best known for being the owner of the blown ACDelco Pro Slammer Monaro. We won’t see the engine rebuild until part three drops, but we now know a Chevy Performance upgraded camshaft is on the menu, as well as a bunch of other goodies.

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We then find Lowndesy in very familiar territory, stealing a spot in the Red Bull Holden Racing Team workshop to run through what else is getting bolted onto this beast to take it to the next level. Brembo brakes, Sachs suspension and even some custom 3D-printed parts are being installed in place of the factory gear, as well as a new and improved 4L60E ’box.

If you’d like a chance to win this modern classic, spend $100 on Holden Genuine or ACDelco parts, or on servicing at a Holden dealer, or on an ACDelco battery at either a Holden dealer or an authorised reseller. If you’re in the trade, you can also enter through the Holden Trade Club. If you miss out on the car, then fear not! You could still jag Lowndesy’s Ultimate Holden Garage – basically a shed full of memorabilia, tools and other beaut stuff. Minor prizes of Red Bull Holden Racing merchandise vouchers will also be given away every month as well, so make sure you’re in the running!