We sell a car; we buy a car; we fix a car – Carnage episode 54

Scotty tells us what’s been happening in the Carnage world and sets about replacing the rear quarter on our Valiant wagon


WE’RE back! Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown laws substantially tightened in Melbourne, continuing our Carnage exploits has been something of a challenge. So this episode begins with Scotty providing an update on what’s been happening (or hasn’t) since we were last on the air.

First off, Carnage now owns two VE Valiant wagons. Scotty found a fresh set of NOS rear quarters, but in order to grab those we had to buy a whole car that came with them. It’s still good news though, because that car came with a bunch of goodies that we’ll need to finish off our VE wagon restoration.

Bringing in this car meant another had to make room, and it’s with heavy hearts we say farewell to our budget turbocharged AU Falcon XR6 from the $2K Challenge. We loved the things to bits, but having sat for more than 12 months, we decided to offload it to clear some space and funds to continue with our other projects.

But back to the orange VE, because we have even more news! For some time we’ve been debating what driveline this thing will end up with, and thanks to our friends at ACM Parts, we can happily announce that the wagon will be getting a late-model 5.7-litre Hemi V8 from a Jeep. The Mopar will get a Mopar heart!

The main focus of this episode is the passenger-side rear quarter replacement on our VE wagon. With a new rear quarter now at our disposal, Scotty set about slowly picking off the old one to figure out the best way to graft on the new sheet metal. Inevitably, more digging revealed more problems, so by the end of the episode Scotty had removed the entire driver’s-side arse cheek from the Val.

In future episodes you’ll see Scotty cut, grind and weld in even more metal to get this wagon up to speed – and a big shout-out to our sponsors Valvoline Australia, Ryobi and Hare & Forbes Machinery House for sticking with us during these difficult times and making this all possible.