Stripping the paint on our Valiant wagon – Carnage Plus episode 79

Scotty gets to work peeling back the layers on our Valiant wagon project


OUR Carnage Valiant wagon restoration project rolls on, Scotty continuing with the long and painful task of peeling back the many layers of paint to see how much resurrection work is required.

This episode, the focus is on the roof, stripping it back to bare metal and assessing how much more work we could uncover.

This also gave Scotty another opportunity to test out some Rust-Oleum Motospray Quickstrip paint remover, using both the aerosol can and brush-on gel to see which works best. After two days of that, teamed with some Ryobi grinding action, Scotty finally had the roof stripped buck naked.

Thankfully, no extra damage was revealed beyond a few deep scratches from something being dragged across the roof, so it looks like we may have dodged a bullet on this one.

We’ll continue to strip it back in amongst our other projects, which you’ll see in future episodes of Carnage.