Video: The MotorEx thrash begins!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty cracks onto our VS ute to get it ready for debut at MotorEx

Videographers: Matt Hull

A project to the magnitude of our twin-turbo, Dart LS, seven second-capable VS Commodore is certainly not a small one, and now it’s crunch time to get it done for MotorEx.

At the time of filming this episode, there was just 17 days to get it ready for the event on May 4-5. The ute will be on display at the VPW Australia stand, so make sure you come along, say g’day and check it out!

Before that though, Scotty needs to get this thing together. As such, this episode focuses on beginning the final assembly of the ute, because up until now everything has been dummy fitted.

The 427ci Dart LS is fully assembled, Scotty completing the valvetrain off camera. With the Proflow valley plate and SuperMax+ intake manifold installed, it’s complete minus accessories.

Speaking of, Scotty did find an issue with water pump clearance when he went to fit the turbo headers. The short story is the headers were built when we planned to run an electric pump, and now Scotty has chosen to go mechanical.

The mechanical LS water pumps use heater outlets that’re now in the road of the headers, so some tweaking is needed.

The Allfast Powerglide and converter are also fitted for the final time, and then Scotty began work installing the Wilwood brakes and floating hubs on our RTS nine inch rear end.

Being a complete kit, fitting it was a doddle. How good is it when car parts fit out of the box!

The last issue for this episode was the fuel tank. Scotty pulled the sender unit out of the original tank to find a rusty mess, which is no good to us. Through the power of the internet he found a VU-VZ tank can fit with some massaging, so he picked one up from a wrecker.

Not only was this tank in much better knick, but they also hold more fuel. That’ll be great for feeding our Proflow surge pot with three Hellcat pumps screaming their heads off, so a good upgrade all ‘round.

Check out the new episode below, and if you want to see some live action Carnage then come watch Scotty spank the Lexcen at Calder Park this Saturday, April 20 at the Optima Street Car Challenge. You can buy tickets here.