Video: Installing the heads on our Dart 427ci LS

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty finishes off our Dart LS short block

Videographers: Matt Hull

Building a baller engine takes time, and a lot of patience. Scotty demonstrated that in last week’s episode, as he took on the arduous task of dialling-in a beefy Crow Cams bumpstick in our LS.

This week, we’re continuing to get the mill together. Scotty bolts on a sweet pair of Proflow LS3 heads; six-bolt deals that are rated to a chunky 276cc.

Before he can do that, he has to sort out the fire rings. They’re a great way to keep a lid on the combustion chamber in an application with sort of horsepower, but they’re not much fun to install.

Scotty has to get messy with sealant to ensure no oil or coolant can get where it shouldn’t, and then lays down copper head gaskets.

Another hurdle is overcoming the six-bolt head configuration. While offering great clamping force, the extra studs aren’t much fun to reach, as they’re behind the lifters.

He gets the job done though, with a few choice words for good measure. The LS’s next phase will be sealing in the timing gear and installing the valvetrain, so if you’re keen for more LS content, tune in next week!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest episode below: