The Trolvo fails again – Carnage Plus episode 72

The Carnage 1JZ Volvo never fails to fail


THE tales of woe continue with our Carnage 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240, despite Scotty having wrestled with gearbox issues for what seems like an eternity.

Amazingly, we were gifted an A340 trans from Luke, a big fan of the show. Stoked with the generosity, Scotty set about slapping the new ’box into the Trolvo (as you would’ve seen in previous episodes) and after a quick blat up and down the street it seemed like everything was Micky Mouse.

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With high hopes and crossed fingers, we headed back to the dyno at Maxx Performance so that tuning boffin Zane Heath could feed it some more boost.

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The last time we had this thing tuned was on the eve of Street Machine Summernats, and back then we pulled the pin at 20psi to ensure it’d make it through the hot, torturous conditions. This time, we began to feed the 1JZ more boost in the pursuit of 350rwkW, but it was immediately obvious something was amiss. The more boost we fed it, the less power it made, meaning something in the driveline was slipping badly.

At this stage we’re unsure if it’s yet more ’box troubles or if the converter isn’t happy, so keep an eye on Carnage updates for the full post-mortem.