Replacing the Trolvo’s transmission – Carnage Plus episode 71

Scotty assesses a few options to fix the troublesome transmission in the Trolvo


IT SEEMS these days that every time we even look at Trolvo, our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240, it wets itself and the transmission gives in.

We’ve had issues with it shifting, cured those only to find second gear was munted, then pulled the ’box apart and tried to DIY-fix it ourselves to no avail – we simply just can’t win with the thing.

The next-cheapest fix was just to replace the whole ’box, and thanks to some fans of the show, we had some options at our doorstep quick-smart. The Trolvo uses a Toyota A340 four-speed auto, and soon we had both a J1 and later-model J3 2JZ ’box to choose from.

Closer inspection revealed the J3 would take more work than the older J1 to work behind our 1JZ, so Scotty opted for the J1 (gifted by Carnage fan Luke) to hopefully cure our transmission troubles once and for all.

We swapped our manualised valvebody from MV Automatics over to Luke’s transmission, seated the TCE converter in place and whipped it back into the car before making a nice Valvoline-flavoured trans fluid mess on the ground – because it wouldn’t be Carnage without spilt fluids!