Rebuilding the Trolvo’s transmission – Carnage Plus episode 66

Scotty has a crack at rebuilding the Trolvo’s A340 gearbox on the cheap


IF YOU’VE been following our Carnage exploits, you’ll know the transmission in our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240 is a bit sad.

Second gear is not a happy chappy under any form of boost, and with budget restrictions in force for the time being, the cop-out solution of sending the ’box off for a professional rebuild wasn’t really an option.

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We decided to act on some recommendations made by our fans and see if the second-gear sprag was on its last legs, with the plan being to pull apart the trans and replace the culprit part with a good used one from a spare gearbox.

That meant tearing two transmissions down and somehow rebuilding one properly, and if you’ve seen inside an automatic transmission before you’ll know why that’s such a daunting prospect for us backyard hacks.

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While Scotty did manage to successfully pull the A340 down, we were a bit miffed when our suspected problem part was seemingly in fine condition. This means the problems with the ’box lie deeper, and finding and fixing that without specialist eyes is probably not a good idea.

That means there are really only two options: either sit the Trolvo on ice until a trans rebuild is viable, or seek out a cheap second-hand ’box and cross our fingers. Needless to say, you’ll find out which route we take in future episodes of Carnage.