Sandblasting the Lockdown Wagon – Carnage

Scotty digs up some old footage of him having a crack at sandblasting our VE Valiant resto project


IT HAS been some time since you last saw our VE Valiant Lockdown Wagon project, but at last it is returning to your screens via some unaired footage shot last year.

Scotty spent all of the 2020 Victorian COVID lockdowns working on the wagon, cutting out all the rust, welding in new metal and stripping back the shell.

It was a long slog working on the car, filming it and editing the videos all on his own, but we did what we had to in tough times to keep the content rolling for you guys.

With Victoria plunged back into another seven-day stint in quarantine, Scotty is back at home working on the wagon once again. So we thought it was a good time to show you this footage shot at the tail-end of lockdown last year, where Scotty had a crack at sandblasting the wagon at home.

Scotty ordered himself a DIY sandblasting kit from our friends at Hare & Forbes, and set it up on his air compressor with filters to catch water and any other contaminants that might make their way into the sand.

He then made an at-home blasting booth, rigging up some tarps outside to help catch the bulk of the excess sand. The blaster itself worked quite well, but Scotty reckoned it was his undersized air compressor letting him down.

As mentioned before, Scotty will continue working on the wagon from home in order to get more episodes out to you, and hopefully we can get back into the workshop soon.