The lockdown wagon gets more rust repairs – Carnage episode 56

Scotty gets stuck into some A-level rust repairs on our Valiant wagon restoration project


WITH lockdown still hindering our ability to get back into the Carnage workshop and spin spanners, Scotty has been spending all his time cutting, grinding and welding on our VE Valiant wagon restoration project in his garage at home.

Progress has been solid, and Scotty’s focus in this episode of Carnage is on the dog-leg section between the driver’s-side rear sill and wheelarch, as he prepares to slot on our brand new NOS driver’s-side rear quarter. He also set about fixing some small rust holes around the rear window seal.

With most of our killer Hare & Forbes fabrication tools still stuck in the Carnage workshop in Melbourne, Scotty has had to get creative when it comes to shaping metal for the new patch panels. This involved beating panels into shape using the grass outside, using clamps and bench corners to bend panels and so on.

The repairs came up pretty mint, even though they’ll all be hidden behind the rear quarter and window rubber by the time we’re done.

Now Scotty is just waiting on a patch panel for the lower section of the inside of the driver’s rear quarter to show up. Once that lobs, he can weld it in and finally stick our fresh new NOS quarter on for the last time. You’ll see all of that in upcoming episodes of Carnage.