More lockdown wagon action – Carnage episode 55

Scotty gets some hours in on our Valiant wagon resto


PROGRESS on our Valiant wagon restoration project for Carnage has faced some serious challenges in recent weeks, but Scotty hasn’t let a bit of COVID-induced lockdown stop him from getting his hands dirty.

Hours have been put into getting the old Val ready for a fresh NOS rear quarter panel, including fixing the upper rear window seal and a fairly substantial hit that was found in the bottom section of the rear quarter.

Sadly, that hit is also accompanied by yet more rust. A patch panel is en route to remedy that issue, so in this episode Scotty mainly focuses on doing his best to pull out the rear quarter hit.

What that largely involves is lots of heat, welding, slide hammering and a bit of cursing – but progress is still progress.

In more good news, the NOS rear quarter now fits pretty much bang-on, so as soon as the inside patch panel is welded in solid, Scotty can button up the outside bodywork and get the Val looking like a car again!

Once again, we’d like to thank our sponsors Valvoline Australia, Ryobi Australia and Hare & Forbes Machinery House for supporting our Carnage exploits during these challenging times.