Our Valiant wagon is for sale! – Carnage Plus EP98

Our spare VE Valiant wagon shell is up for grabs


FANCY yourself a great starting point for your next project, but don’t want to get slugged with the COVID-induced premium of buying a chrome-bumpered car? Then our spare VE Valiant wagon shell may just be perfect for you – and it’s for sale!

Now, make sure you don’t get confused here: this is not the orange VE Valiant lockdown wagon Scotty was grinding and welding on last year.

We bought this white VE Valiant wagon shell 12 months ago as part of a package deal, because it came with a spare set of NOS rear quarters that we desperately needed for our orange wagon.

We ummed and ahhed for some time about what to do with the spare white shell, but in the end common sense prevailed and it’s now up for sale.

It’s a solid piece of kit, too. For a car of this age, it’s super straight and barely has a spec of rust, and it also comes with a bunch of goodies. The rear end has been tubbed, with the rear leaf springs moved inboard, all to accommodate the nine-inch diff with 31-spline axles.

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Matching doors, tailgate, bonnet and interior are all included; the only major part missing is the front crossmember.

We don’t have an exact price in mind, but offers over $5000 will be considered. The car is located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, so if you’re genuinely interested make sure you drop us a line at [email protected] because we’re pretty keen to make some room and move this thing on.