More Supermang Problems! – Carnage Plus EP97

Scotty is faced with some hard truths about our glorious 3.8s


AS THE only street-registered (and also arguably the tidiest) vehicle in the Carnage stables, the grandpa-spec VN Berlina dubbed Project Supermang has a special place in our hearts.

Since the car came into our lives last year in stock form, we’ve been working to spice up the driveline with all manner of nice parts. Scotty dropped in a blown L67 V6 with a fresh cam, worked heads, and a new supercharger pulley – plus new engine management courtesy of Haltech.

The factory Turbo 700 auto also copped a manual valvebody, making it easier to turn the tyres in proper Carnage fashion.

Just before our planned trip to Summernats Slam, the warmed L67 failed on the dyno, snapping the timing chain and putting valves into pistons. That meant a new donk had to be sourced, this time from a VS Commodore.

With the replacement donk in waiting, Scotty got to work on pillaging all of the good parts from the failed motor. Away came the sump, cam, lifters and head studs to go in the new engine.

It was also the ideal time for a welfare check on the old bearings, which were, in Scotty’s words, “no bueno” after 400,000km of service. Hopefully this is just high-mileage wear, rather than damage caused by the ARP rod bolts.

While the ‘new’ bottom end’s bearings were better, they still warrant replacing. In pulling the rod caps, Scotty also found marks on the crank. It’s a frustrating discovery, as a linishing job will be required for peace of mind.

We can’t wait to get this car to an event, so stay tuned to see and hear Supermang back in action soon!