Blown L67-powered ‘Project Supermang’ VN Berlina – Carnage Plus episode 68

Scotty gets Project Supermang underway by building up the supercharged L67 for our VN


IN A WORLD filled with Barra swaps and turbo LS1s, it’s refreshing to see something a little different, and that’s what Scotty is hoping for with Project Supermang.

Scotty and Kian are fitting a VN Berlina with a modified L67 supercharged six in the hope of ultimately running 10s in it – and maybe even giving the guys from Maxx Performance a run for their money with their Barra-swapped EA Falcon.

The name ‘Supermang’ came about from the distinctive ‘mang mang mang’ noise that V6 Commodores make while on the rev limiter – and the fact that it’s an amped-up supercharged six. So, it’s a Supermang!

Since buying the VN V6 for just over $4000, the Carnage boys have been collecting bits for some serious power upgrades, with Mace Engineering and Raceworks kicking in the bulk of the parts. Now the time has come to start putting it all together.

In this behind-the-scenes Carnage Plus episode, Scotty starts building the L67 up from a short block. With a shiny new Crow cam, our little V6 should be able to make a bunch more power. But first Scotty has to deal with some gummed-up lifters and an extremely dirty engine in order to make it all work.

So sit back and click play, and try not to cringe too much when Scotty takes to the lifters with a set of vice grips. This is Carnage, after all.