Putting the finishing touches on the L67 – Carnage Plus episode 69

Scotty slaps together the top end of our L67 build and gets it ready for a new life in our Project Supermang VN


IN THE latest instalment of our Carnage Project Supermang VN Berlina build, Scotty gets to work putting the top end of the L67 together to get it ready for some mega-boost.

The last episode saw the bottom end getting some love with some rod bolts from Mace Engineering, as well as a thorough clean-out of the sump and slapping in a new cam (also from Mace).

With that done, Scotty wound in some ARP head studs to help clamp down the boost, along with some MLS head gaskets from Mace and reconditioned heads with upgraded valves and retainers from Dominator.

Before putting the blower and manifold back on, Scotty took some advice from L67 wizard Josh Grant, who recommended adding an inlet air temp sensor to help our new Haltech ECU keep things running Micky Mouse. A quick rip with the thread tap and some Ryobi magic sorted it out quick-smart.

To finish off the top end, Raceworks joined the party with some E85-happy injectors and a pair of AN fuel line adapters for the standard GM fittings, giving us more flexibility with fuel hose size and flow. Speaking of flow, we’ll also be ditching the standard throttlebody for a much brawnier LS1 version, with a kit from Mace making it a bolt-on affair.

The boys from Tuff Mounts also sent us a beautiful pair of billet engine mounts for the Supermang – talk about lipstick on a pig!

In the next Project Supermang episode we’ll throw some killer Pacemaker pipes onto the V6 donk and then finally make a new home for it in the VN. So keep your eyes peeled for more mangy goodness coming soon!