Supermang goes full manual – Carnage Plus episode 86

Our L67 Supermang VN Berlina cops a manual valve body conversion to its TH700


FOR the most part, the process of dropping an L67 from a VX Commodore into our VN Berlina has been a relatively simple one, but with any project there is always the chance of a few snags to trip you up.

In the case of our VN, one of those was what to do about the throttle-valve cable for the VN’s Turbo 700 transmission. Running between the throttlebody and the transmission, it’s used to set the line pressure for the trans. Annoyingly, the compatibility between the cable and the new throttlebody position on the L67 wasn’t ideal to say the least.

To fix that issue, Scotty simply decided to manualise the transmission with a new valvebody kit. The new kit would set the line pressures for the trans high enough to make it live a much longer life, and having full manual control of the transmission is also better for racing and single-legging the streets of Dandenong.

In less than a week, we had a fresh new reverse-pattern manual valvebody kit for the Turbo 700 from Summit Racing in the US, which also included an upgraded Corvette servo. We also grabbed ourselves a deeper transmission pan from our friends at Speed Pro, mainly because it has a drain plug and the original VN trans pan does not.

Despite some complicated instructions, the kit bolted in with relative ease, and with the transmission sorted, the VN can finally hit the dyno for some much-needed supercharged tuning – which you’ll see very soon in a new episode of Carnage.