Project Supermang part two – Carnage episode 51

Scotty finishes off the blown L67 for our Project Supermang VN Berlina


WHILE the world is in lockdown, Scotty and Kian are slaving away in the Carnage workshop getting shit done, and our ‘Project Supermang’ L67-powered VN build is slowly coming to fruition.

In our first Project Supermang edition of Carnage (episode 49), Scotty found a sweet VN Berlina for just over $4000, complete with 12 months’ rego and only 117,000km on the clock. After some new wheel bearings and a Raceworks E85 fuel pump, it runs sweet as a nut, and now that it has a Haltech Sport GM plug-in ECU, it’s ready for some serious mods.

In this episode, we pick up from where we left you in Carnage Plus episode 68. Scotty finishes up the L67 V6 assembly, while Kian removes the old VN V6 and TH700 trans to make room for the new engine. He then gives the engine bay a thorough clean-up so it looks as good as new.

Over on the engine stand, Scotty has fitted the freshly cleaned heads with new valve springs and titanium retainers and bolted them down with ARP head studs. Then it’s time to fit the Eaton M90 supercharger with a new pulley from Mace Engineering – and that’s when things go a little awry.

See how Scotty stuffs up this time – and how he fixes it – in this episode of Carnage!