Holden vs Ford Part Three – Carnage episode 27

We put the finishing touches on our $2K budget bangers before hitting the track


ON THE last episode of Carnage, we started tearing into our $2K challenge cars in preparation for some serious hacking. Team Holden pulled down their engine and got ready for a diff and gearbox overhaul, while Team AU started hacking into their Aussie icon to make way for some serious turbo grunt.

This time we see the builds hit overdrive, as both teams pull some long hours getting their cars ready for the challenges. Team Holden gets a refreshed ’box, ignition and a suspiciously cheap nitrous system, while Team AU gets busy fitting their turbo and all the plumbing required to make it work, as well as a custom loom to run the Barra ECU.

After some troubleshooting (and in Bubba’s case, another breakfast) both teams hit the dyno at Maxx Performance and MPW Performance & Race Fab to see how many ponies they can squeeze out (without squeezing out rods), and it’s pretty safe to say both teams were fairly surprised with their own numbers.

On the next episode the challenges begin, with both teams going heads-up on the dyno, drag strip and circuit to see who’s built the best $2K banger. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled to our websites and socials for the final showdown!