Ford versus Holden $2K Challenge part 5 – Carnage episode 31

We head to the circuit for the fifth and final episode of the $2K Challenge

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

IT’S finally here! The fifth and final part of the Ford versus Holden $2K Challenge is the big one: the circuit battle.

We’ve already seen what both cars were capable of on the dyno and down the drag strip, and with the Ford winning the dyno clash and the Holden taking out the drags, both teams were tied heading into the final track battle.

Both cars were left a little worse for wear at the end of the previous episode, with the AU having a suspected broken engine and the VT failing to make a pass due to broken driveshafts.

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Avid viewers of Carnage would have seen that in a recent episode of Carnage Plus, Scotty actually listened to the internet (for once) and decided to investigate the possibility of a loose flywheel being the culprit behind the Falcon’s very concerning death rattle. It indeed turned out to be the problem, so with the help of some Loctite, ARP bolts and a solid treatment of ugga duggas, the AU was ready to ride once again. Meanwhile, a quick trip to the wreckers for another set of CVs meant the Holden was also ready to mang on.

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The final challenge was held at the Haunted Hills hillclimb circuit, and to say the conditions were less than favourable for a pair of 300rwkW bangers is a bit of an understatement. Each team member was given three laps, with the times from both teams tallied up to determine the winner. With the weather putting a severe handicap on the drivers’ ability to put the foot down, the circuit battle became more of a test of who had the bigger jewels than who had the faster car.

Now that the challenge is over, what would you like to see us do with the cars? Both the AU and the VT will be on display this Sunday, 28 July at our 100K YouTube Subscribers cars-and-coffee meet at GraysOnline in Dandenong, along with Turbo Taxi and MX5.7. So make sure you come along, say g’day and let us know what you think we should do with these cars next.