Holden vs Ford $2K Challenge part four – Carnage episode 28

In this episode of the $2K Challenge, we put the cars to the test in the first round of challenges

Photographers: Shaun Tanner, Hayley Turns

WHEN we left you last in the Carnage Holden vs Ford $2K Challenge, both teams were putting the final touches on their freshly modified cars in preparation for battle.

In this episode the challenges finally begin, as we pitch the cars head-to-head on the dyno at Maxx Performance to see which can make the most power. With just three runs each to get the best figure, both teams throw everything they’ve got at their budget donks to squeeze out every last pony. Points are awarded both for the highest power level and biggest improvement from stock, and the results may surprise you.

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Next, we head back to the drag strip to see which car has made the biggest improvements, and it’s pretty safe to say neither team have an ideal day at the track. Points are awarded the same as the dyno: a win for the quickest ET and a win for the biggest improvement from stock.

After a few wasted opportunities at Heathcote Park Raceway, we then head to Calder Park a week later to finish off the drag component and find out which team has the quickest car. Both cars leave the exercise a little worse for wear, with some interesting results to match.

Sadly, due to both cars failing to complete the drags without some collateral damage, the fifth and final part of the series will be somewhat delayed, as we need to fix these beasts before we take them to a proper circuit for the third and final challenge.

But don’t fear! We’ve still got a Taxi to race, a 1JZ Volvo to start on, Broads’s Torana to button up, a Barina to bring back to life, an MX5.7 comeback and a Mr Dodgey to put back together (whoops) – plus loads more! So make sure you keep your eyeballs glued to our socials, YouTube channel and website for more Carnage and Carnage Plus.