Mr Dodgey 440-powered 1963 Dodge Phoenix Part Five – Carnage

Scotty takes Mr Dodgey racing in the latest episode of Carnage


LAST time you saw Mr Dodgey, Scotty and Gus had finished thrashing on the big beast and made the long drive from Melbourne to Cobar for the Running On Empty Festival, with a freshly shoehorned 440 big-block Mopar in the engine bay.

Since then we’ve been cruising the Dodge a fair bit on the street, which is what this thing does best. This included another long trip to Street Machine Summernats at the start of year, where Mr Dodgey popped his burnout cherry in the newly added Skid Row.

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But while cruising is all well and good, Scotty decided it was finally time to hit up the drags and see what the engine could do. Expectations weren’t very high when you consider that this 440 is a late-70s motorhome donk rather than the rip-snorting version you’d expect to find in a late-60s Dodge, not to mention the car’s titanic weight. This thing is a far cry from our purpose-built MX5.7 drag car.

Before that though, Scotty headed down to Maxx Performance for a bit of dyno time, as up to this point the tune-up on the Dodge had been pretty much a case of ‘set and forget’. After playing around a bit with the timing and some carby adjustments, Mr Dodgey was ready to hit the track.

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Did Scotty manage his goal of a 14? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out.