Carnage Plus Episode Seven – our new project car revealed!

Our new Carnage project car revealed! And it's got a neat little secret under the bonnet


HERE at Street Machine we’ve got seven Carnage project cars on the go at the moment and you guys only know of three of them, the Turbo Taxi, MX5.7 and Toxic Avenger Territory – until now, it’s time to reveal number four! This is another one that we just stumbled across while browsing the web, and immediately we knew we had to buy it because it combined two things we thought would really get people’s attention – a Volvo and a twin-turbo Toyota 1JZ engine. Yep, we bought a Volvo 240 with a 1JZ under the bonnet.

 We do things on the cheap so obviously the car needs some work, but we’ve got big plans for it including possibly switching to a big single turbo and really cranking up the boost. So stay tuned for future episodes on this car, you’ll probably start seeing more of it in a couple of months time.