We’ve been called out – Carnage Plus episode 59

The Carnage crew have been called out!


THE Carnage boys have been called out! In this episode of Carnage Plus, Scotty and Kian talk us through our challengers and discuss what weaponry they should bring to battle.

First off the block is YouTuber MafiaBoysWorld. Mafs is a Queenslander with a hottie Toyota Cressida dubbed the Crustida in the build. He’s challenged us to a showdown between the Cressida and our Volvo at Rockynats in Rockhampton. That event has been postponed to Easter 2021, so we have lots of time to get our ducks in a row on that one.

Next is Zane from Maxx Performance who has built himself a tidy Barra-powered EA Falcon – a natural challenger for our VN Berlina project. The hottie L67 supercharged V6 we have planned for the Berlina may not quite have the berries to take on the 440rwkw EA, but at least COVID-19 is giving us time to catch up.

And lastly we have current Drag Challenge champion Harry Haig and his son Corty. In between trips to Drag Week, the pair and their mates smashed out a 5.3-litre turbo LS-powered Corolla dubbed CITYWOK for Corty that got him through DC ’19. With that experience under their belts, the guys are taking a very rusty early Falcon and are treating that a budget turbo LS deal. We’re not sure what we’ll have to take Birdawg on – maybe the Valiant wagon. You can check out the boy’s Hallass Garage channel here.