Preparing the Carnage workshop for lockdown – Carnage Plus episode 54

The boys rescue the Valiant wagon from the workshop amid the coronavirus pandemic


AS COVID-19 spreads rapidly and government regulation changes day by day, we’re living in a time of unknowns.

As more and more businesses are forced to drop their shutters, the Carnage garage isn’t immune from closure. Though we’re still in the clear at time of writing, there’s a very real possibility that access will one day be halted overnight.

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With this in mind, our host decided to enact his contingency plan by getting the Rust-Oleum Motospray Valiant wagon out of the workshop and back to where it all began: Scotty’s garage.

To do so, the hoisted Valiant required some semblance of mobility, so it was time to partially reassemble the front end for a short trip across the floor.

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Though it’s a slight step backwards to be putting unfinished parts back into the car, it’s likely to be a necessary one. On the plus side, dragging the rolling shell back to Scotty’s residence gave his own orange wagon a long-awaited glimpse of sunshine.

Moving forward, we’ll keep making fresh Carnage at the workshop unless the government says we can’t. In that case, the MX-5 and Trolvo will go into temporary hibernation while the Valiant receives the work-from-home treatment.

Either way, stay tuned for more action on your screens!