Carnage Plus Episode One – Herrod Performance and McDonald Bros Racing

A behind the scenes look at the places we visit when preparing to shoot episodes of Carnage


WHILE our Carange web series is one of our favourite things we do, it is a very time-consuming deal.

Scotty does the bulk of work stripping cars, replacing engines, scounging through wrecking yards and chasing down parts. In the process, he gets to see some truly awesome cars being built in workshops all over the country.

Rather than just snap off a few photos of Instagram, Scott has decided to cover these builds in more depth in a new web series called Carnage Plus. In this first episode, Scotty and Aiden dropped into Herrod Performance to pick up a voltage booter for Turbo Taxi. So they stuck around and chatted with Rob Herrod about the amazing things he is doing with Mustangs.

After that, Aiden needed to visit McDonald Bros Racing to grab a race seat for his long-suffering Project VL – and had a poke around what the boys were up to in the workshop.

No doubt Carnage Plus will evolve as time goes on, so please give us some feedback in the comments below about what you’d like to see from the series.