Big-block Chev-powered Pro Touring ’68 Camaro – Video

Pro Touring '68 Camaro packs a big-block Chev punch


TOUGH Chevy Camaros are a common sight at car shows, but Dave Jones has managed to build something that’s very tough and very unique. The theme for his ’68 Camaro is pro touring, but it’s finished inside and out as a show car, with an immaculate engine bay, smooth bodywork and beautiful custom interior.

 At the heart of a pro tourer has to be a stout engine, and for that Dave enlisted the help of John Pilla from Powerhouse Engines, who screwed together a tough old-school 427ci big-block Chev. Running EFI with a Haltech Elite 2500 computer, and a custom eight-stack individual-throttlebody intake manifold made by Steve Day, she spun up 709hp on Johnny’s engine dyno. The killer donk is backed by a TKO five-speed manual ’box.

 Pro touring also means stopping and steering like a modern sports car, and to achieve that Dave has fitted Chassisworks front and rear ends with tubular arms, rack-and-pinion steering, and massive Baer brakes all ’round.

Where Dave’s Camaro differs from a lot of other pro touring builds is inside, where you won’t find race seats, a rollcage or harnesses – instead he’s gone with a classy look based off the factory interior. Manny from The Trim Shop restitched it from top to toe, and the finished product is stunning. It even has air con!