In episode three of MPW's ALLSHOW VK Commodore build series, the car gets fresh paint and trim


SINCE we last checked in with Adam Rogash’s ALLSHOW seven-second Commodore build a lot has happened. We finished up last episode with the bare shell going into the car trailer before Adam took it over to Corporate Auto Body in Thomastown for a fresh coat of paint. In this episode you’ll see all the prep work that went into getting the car ready for its new colour.

 Because we can’t reveal the final colour of the car until the covers come off it at Red CentreNATS in Alice Springs next month, we decided to not show the actual colour going on. Adam got the car back just over a week ago and since then the boys have been going full tilt to meet their RCN deadline. Straight from paint it went to McDonald Brothers Racing to get its rear end fitted, as well as a tubular chrome moly front end.

 From there it came back to home base at MPW in Dandenong where Adam and Luke fitted chassis connectors, parachute mount, seat mounts, fuel tank, steering and ran power cables before ALLSHOW headed to Red Hill Trim in Rosebud to have its interior decked out in suede and vinyl.

 Adam wanted to keep this car as street friendly as possible and the full interior is a big part of that. It’ll still have a rear seat, full headlining and it’s all been designed almost like a show car with ‘cage, dash, centre console and boot all wrapped in material. Of course, we’re keeping colours all hush hush until the RCN reveal, so plenty of this episode is in black and white. Next month you’ll see the finished car, so stay tuned, it’s going to be a cracker!