We get an inside look at Adam Rogash's new Street Machine Drag Challenge car - the ALLSHOW VK Commodore


THE cat is out of the bag – Adam Rogash and the boys at MPW Performance in Melbourne are building a new car for this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge. Yep, Adam’s seven-second NOSHOW VT Clubsport, which has won the Haltech Radial Blown class for the last two years, is being retired for now to make way for the new lighter, faster and more street-orientated VK Commodore – ALLSHOW!

 We’ll be following the build of ALLSHOW from start to finish, from buying the car as a grandma-spec driver through to stuffing it full of Powerhouse Engines-built, twin-turbo 440ci LSNEXT goodness. Essentially, ALLSHOW will run the same engine combo that NOSHOW did – a 440ci LS with twin 75mm Turbonetics turbos, Turbosmart gates and blow-off valves, a Haltech Elite ECU, Powerglide trans, nine-inch diff and McDonald Brothers Racing front and rear clips.

“Basically we want to build a 7.50 car,” said Adam. “NOSHOW needs a bit of work to be safe at that mark, so we thought why not start with something different that’s lighter. We also want to bring back the street appeal, so this will have full carpets, headliner, factory dash and rear seats; I want to be able to take the wife and kids cruising in it comfortably.”

The VK shell is a hell of a lot lighter than the big Clubby was, so there’s a massive weight advantage straight out of the gate. Add to that a chrome moly ‘cage instead of steel in NOSHOW, lighter wheel tubs and a tubular front end, and Adam reckons the finished car shouldn’t weigh more than 1500kg. “We’re also moving to a bigger tyre with the 315/60, so we’ve got more grip and less weight, with the driveline of a car that has already gone 7.80.”

In episode one of the ALLSHOW build above, we see Adam’s new Commodore-shaped nugget for the first time, take it for a lap around the block, and throw it on the weighbridge and the dyno before tearing it apart. In the next episode you’ll see what goes into tubbing a VK for the 315/60 tyre Adam will use, and we’ll look at building and fitting the custom rollcage.

“All of us at MPW are super keen to get stuck into this build, we’re working on it after hours and the boys are giving up their weekends to help out, it’s going to be a good thing.”