In episode two of the ALLSHOW seven-second VK Commodore build, we're at MPW installing a roll cage and custom wheel tubs

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

IN CASE you missed it, Adam Rogash and the boys at MPW Performance in Melbourne are building a new car for this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge. Adam’s HSV Clubsport, dubbed NOSHOW, is a seven-second street weapon that has taken out the Haltech Radial Blown class for the past two years. This year, however, Adam will be competing with a new VK Commodore called ALLSHOW in the Turbosmart Outlaw Blown class. The aim is to run a bigger tyre, specifically a 315/60.

 “More and more people are stepping it up and going bigger than the normal 275/50s that we ran on NOSHOW, so we’re doing the same,” Adam says. “We want to get a 315/60 under this thing. It’s going to be a lot lighter than NOSHOW, and with more horsepower.”

 Obviously there’s a heap of work involved in squeezing that amount of rubber under the rear end of a Commodore, including forming up new wheel tubs. So in this episode of the ALLSHOW build we’re at MPW to see what goes into tubbing Adam’s VK to fit the 315/60 tyre.

 You’ll also see what’s involved in forming up a custom rollcage for the VK.

“NOSHOW was very race orientated, that’s why we had no roof lining or carpets and the rollcage was so extensive,” says Adam. “With this car we want to give it more street appeal, so most of the rollcage will be hidden. We’re tucking it right up against the pillars and obviously we’ll have full carpets and roof lining.

 “Because we want to keep this thing as light as possible, we’re also doing a chrome-moly ’cage, whereas we had steel in NOSHOW. It’s about half the weight this way.”

 The driveline is exactly the same as NOSHOW – 440ci LS Next, twin 75mm Turbonetics turbos, Turbosmart ’gates and blow-off valves, Haltech ECU, Powerglide trans and nine-inch rear. Less weight, more grip is what Adam and the boys are going for. And who knows, there might still be some untapped potential in that engine combo to yield a few more ponies.

Next episode we’ll be at Corporate Auto Body where the car will be painted up before we head to Red Hill Motor Trimming to see the interior come together.