Video: Finishing touches for the 427ci LS-powered VS ute

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty nips up some finishing touches on our VS Commodore ute build

Videographers: Matt Hull

We’re ever-so-close to finishing our VS ute build! In case you’ve missed previous instalments, we’ve stuffed a 427ci Dart LS Next and a pair of turbos in the ute with the aim of eventually running sevens.

In this episode, Scotty finishes off some much-needed tasks so we can get this thing back to MPW Performance & Race Fab. The first of those was the rear brake lines, with Scotty making new hard and soft lines to suit the nine-inch diff and Wilwood brakes.

Our Proflow flaring tool makes jobs like this a breeze, and Scotty took extra care to ensure all the fittings were installed before flaring the lines.

With those done, the next port of call was sorting the serpentine belt clearance. The belt runs awfully close to the turbo headers at the power steering pump, so Scotty set about custom-engineering a new mounting bracket to move the belt further inboard.

The final major task was connecting the whole driveline together, mating the Turbo 400 to the RTS nine-inch diff using a custom-ordered RTS tailshaft from VPW Australia.

All we had to do was fill out a basic form, send it through to VPW, twiddle our thumbs and wait for the tailshaft to be delivered to our doorstep. It simplified the whole process, and any customer can do it to save time.

So, crack a coldie and wind down for the weekend by enjoying the new episode below!