Video: The twin-turbo, 427ci VS ute runs!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty gets our Dart LS-powered VS ute running for the first time!

Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s the episode of Carnage we all (and especially Scotty) have been waiting for, as the twin-turbo, 427ci Dart LS Next runs in our VS ute for the first time!

If you watched Friday’s episode, you would’ve seen Scotty begin the process of getting this thing ready to make some noise. We begin this episode with much the same, as Scotty finishes testing the wiring and plumbing for the fuel system.

The ignition was also completed with a set of Proflow plug leads, and then it was time to prime the oil system. Given an LS has no distributor, Scotty had to get creative to push oil through the dry 427 Dart mill.

Using a five-litre weed sprayer, pressurised air and a spare bung on the block, Scotty managed to get the oil to the engine to ensure it was properly lubricated for its first fire-up.

Using the power of Haltech’s wicked new Nexus R5 VCU, Scotty did some final checks before hitting the key. Being a fresh engine and conversion, it did take some persuasion to coax it into life.

With no water, and many systems just loosely thrown together for testing, Scotty didn’t run the engine for long, but seeing it kick into life took a massive weight off the shoulders.

Now it’s just a matter of buttoning this thing up and getting it on the dyno with Adam Rogash at MPW Performance & Race Fab to make some serious numbers. Until then, enjoy the new episode below.