Video: Getting the 427ci VS ute ready to fire!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty inches ever closer to firing up our VS ute for the first time

Videographers: Matt Hull

Our Carnage content has been dominated by the 1UZ Lexcen wagon of late, which means the last time you would’ve seen our VS Commodore ute build was during a mad thrash to get it assembled for Meguiar’s MotorEx.

We made it, and it looked magnificent on the VPW Australia stand with its 427ci Dart LS and full catalogue of Proflow goodies.

But now MotorEx is done, Scotty can hook into the nitty gritty of getting this thing ready for its first start-up.

In this episode, that includes doing the wiring and plumbing for essentials like the starter motor, scavenge pump and more.

Scotty also treats the ute to brand-new carpet and underlay from our mates at Tru-Fit. Given the VS will see some decent kays on the road during Drag Challenge, keeping the NVH down with some nice carpet and sound deadening is worth the few kilos of extra weight.

We’ve split this episode into two parts. Part two comes out this Monday morning (17 June), featuring Scotty finally getting the ute started – we promise! In preparation for that, enjoy part one below!