Northern Nats 8 shaping up to be the biggest yet

Backed by the Summernats team, Northern Nats 8 is set to be bigger than ever

Photographers: Street Machine Archives

Nestled in the mountains of Far North Queensland, the beautiful Springmount Raceway has been home to Northern Nats since 2016, and the event’s eighth instalment is set to take place 10-12 May. With the Summernats team partnering with the event, it’s shaping up to be the biggest Northern Nats yet.

The Street Machine team have been to Northern Nats several times, and we can tell you it’s a hoot and a half. All the favourites from previous events like drag and roll racing, powerskids, live music and weekend-long camping will return for the 2024 event, and on top of that, the cruise route and show ’n’ shine aspects will be given a big rev-up.

The cruise route will now feature a Skid Row area, just like at Street Machine Summernats and Motorvation. A new pavilion is being constructed for the show machines, too, which the legendary Owen Webb will stuff with some of the best metal he can find. “We’ve had to up the ante in the show area in particular, and it’s very exciting for us,” says Springmount Raceway manager Michael Gonzalez. “Owen has been curating some fantastic show cars for us.”

There’ll be plenty of top-tier stuff on the burnout pad too, with Michael confirming Jake Myers will return to Springmount in the S1CKO/GM176 Mustang. “That’ll be the last time the Mustang will be seen in action in FNQ, with the Myers crew looking to retire that car from competitions,” he says. “We’ve also got truckloads of burnout guys coming up from all over, including eight from WA.”

That lot of legends will be competing for two tickets to the Summernats 37 Burnout Grand Final.

Grunge rockers The Brazilians will also be on stage with live tunes, and a new Supercruise has been added to the running. “That’s open to all entrants, and we’ll have a burnout component at the end for those wanting to take part, so it should be an exciting addition to the event,” Michael says.

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