Powerskid highlights from the first Nothern Nats at Springmount Raceway in Cairns


THE powerskids were a big part of the inaugural Cairns Northern Nats at Springmount Raceway, with a heap of street, drag and burnout weapons getting in on the action. Local Matt Smith was one of the first to impress in his V8-swapped Morris burnout ute, along with Geoff Clarke in his blown 427-cube XY and Chris Gofton’s blown and injected 351 AGROXY.

A few of the big burnout guys gave it a crack too, including Fred Watson in the FEAR Monaro, Mick Brasher in ULEGAL, Ross Heasley in MRBADQ and Andrew Lynch in LYNCHY who treated the event like a typical burnout comp with an extra-long entry. But in the end none could beat Gary Myers in the 2INSANE Mustang, which made massive smoke and easily turned the tyres for the full quarter mile, with serious speed too.

Check out the video to see some of the best powerskids of the first-ever Northern Nats and a couple of close calls with the wall!