Motorvation 35 burnout competition

WA’s finest skid weapons battle it out at the Perth Motorplex

Videographers: Peter Flint

IT APPEARS that the worldwide apocalypse has not dampened the passion for burnouts, nor stemmed the flow of blowers and massive injector hats into the state of Western Australia, and there were plenty on display at Motorvation 35 at the Perth Motorplex. With the event returning to a three-day format, Saturday night saw more than 150 burnout beasts competing in qualifying rounds for the three classes – Sportsman, Open and Pro – in a skid-fest that went well past the planned 10pm finishing time.

Eighty cars made it to the finals on Sunday, but the mechanical gods had been unkind to many, with only 14 showing up to fight it out in Sportsman, 30 (a full field) in Open and just 28 cars in Pro, but that was more than enough to fill up an afternoon of intense competition in the Snakepit.

Western Australia really does have some of the best competitors in the game, with high-speed tip-ins a feature right through the field. Whether the car was an AU Falcon with a pod filter or a 1500hp blown methanol deal, you could bet they’d come onto the pad at full noise, careening wildly as they hurtled towards the concrete wall.

Like all good burnout comps, there was carnage aplenty, with wall taps and even a wall slam or two. It broke my heart to see Daniel Shoesmith in LSWON tag the wall after the tip-in, but he carried on and smashed the tyres off the car. “I was pretty lucky the damage isn’t too bad – just needs a bumper and a guard. I’ve got all the bits sitting there. It’s all part of the game I play,” Daniel said.

Matt James had an eventful weekend as well, absolutely torching the place – twice – in UNWANTED before going rods-out with COMPACT in the final. But as they say: “To finish first, first you must finish.” Also, you mustn’t hit the wall or go back over the line on the entry chute, because you’ll lose points.

At the end of a tough couple of days, it was Dayne Bairstow in HAVEAGO, his Barra-powered, twin-throttlebody XG ute, that took out the Sportsman class.

The Open class trophy winner, Kevin ‘Rowdy’ Mantach, is no stranger to success. He had planned to bring his wild 1950 Chevy coupe, FIFTY, to the party, but last-minute issues saw him dust off the legendary ALCOTRAZ HQ Tonner and put on a master class. Special mention must go to Jason Tanian, who came a close second in class but would have won my trophy for best-sounding engine on the pad. That 393 Clevo screams!

The Pro class was full of exceptionally tough cars and highly skilled drivers, and as always, any number of them could have finished on top, but there can be only one, and this year it was Wayne Daw in SLYLUX, sporting fresh paint, eye-catching ‘Straya’ graphics and a brand new motor from Blown Motorsports.



1. Dayne Bairstow – XG Falcon ute – HAVEAGO
2. Jack Alfirevich – AU Falcon XR6 – AUGASM
3. Lauren Youngs – BA Falcon ute – CARSTR8R


1. Kevin Mantach – HQ One Tonner – ALCOTRAZ
2. Jason Tanian – XD Falcon ute – KENOATH
3. Shane Gardiner – HQ One Tonner – HELLBOUND


1. Wayne Daw – 1986 Toyota HiLux – SLYLUX
2. Matthew Hughes – 1969 Mazda 1000 ute – MON5TA
3. Brett Pearson – VY Commodore – VYNOT

Photos: Jordan Leist, Video: Peter Flint