Monster fires, burnouts and powerskids at Motorvation 37 – video

Motorvation 37 was hot, smoky and tasty, and the West Aussie crowd ate it up

Photographers: Jordan Leist

It was a warm and sticky start to Burson Auto Parts Motorvation 37 at the Perth Motorplex, with the temperature peaking around 35 degrees mid-afternoon on the Friday.

There was a bit more breathing space between Street Machine Summernats and Motorvation this year due to the latter event moving to 3-5 February, which explains why burnout legend Peter Grmusa was able to drag his ATRISK XR Falcon across the Nullarbor to give the West Aussies a look at one of the wildest burnout cars to ever turn a tyre.

Unfortunately for Grmusa, the unfamiliar pad combined with the massive amount of smoke the car produces saw him nudge the limestone wall pretty hard.

Enjoy the video and see below for the results and a whole stack fo cars that caught our eye.

1. Mick Hamon has been chasing handling problems ever since he debuted the GT Falcon version of WIDEOPEN. He looked like he had a handle on it at Motorvation 37, but he tagged the wall in the final – which just made him even more determined to put on a killer show

2. Anthony Page checks the jets before piloting his HZ ute onto the Snakepit. Was this the difference between PAGEY and the rest of the Pro burnout field? Of course, it could also be the aggressive yet flawless technique that Anthony brings to every skid. Whatever it was, it gave him the Pro-class win

3. Matthew Owens took second place in the Open burnouts in his jet-black VY SS wagon, EVYL SS. I watched the skid from the stands and was impressed by how clean it looked and how many revs he was pulling, so his result was no surprise

4. Jack Alfirevich is a tough competitor in the WA burnout scene with his legendary AUGASM AU Falcon. He’s now competing in JACKPOT, a VX SS that is obviously very good at blowing chunks of tyre into the stratosphere

5. Former Summernats Grand Champ Mark ‘Happy’ Williams changed the HAPPYS plates on his yellow HQ ute to YA MUM. Why? So he could beat up on ya mum, apparently. He put in a good effort on the pad, too; it’s fortunate that he owns a tyre shop these days!

6. Winner of Open-class burnouts was Chris Orchard in THE GAME. This car never ceases to amaze thanks to an apparently never-ending supply of revs from the Dodge NASCAR motor and Chris’s aggressive driving style. It’s a tough combination to beat

7. Last year’s Motorvation Grand Champ Simon Birch tore it up in the burnout comp in his wild Mighty Boy. We featured it in the July 2022 issue of SM, and it’s a massive hit wherever it goes

8. Chris Jackson was in the midst of laying down a pretty tough skid in the LAYNPHAT VH when the whole car was engulfed in a tyre fire. He did the right thing and kept going before parking it nice and close to the fireys, and once the flames were out, he carried on

9. Here’s something you don’t see every day: An Audi A6 with a supercharged and twin-turbo LS. Even more impressive is the fact that all of the luxo features inside still work – except the a/c

10. Our very own Peter Flint literally set the world on fire at Motorvation – he’s that kind of guy – plus he knows it makes for great video footage and photos. It’s not so good for the paintjob, though Unfortunately, Flinty’s skid finished early when the car wouldn’t restart due to a bad battery

11. I don’t know much about this car, except that it was entered by Zac Bulpitt – hence the BULLY plates – and it has a giant blower on it. But how epic is this photo by Jordan Leist!

12. Everyone talks about Matt James and Chris Orchard and their “two-car teams”, but they should really be talking about Simon Birch. Simon not only skidded his Mighty Boy, but he also took the Mighty Boy’s tow car, the DOSILE Holden One Tonner, for a spin on the pad

13. After taking out every single one of the driving events, Mitchell Rando was awarded the Grand Champ trophy by Burson Auto Parts state manager, Louis Sanders. The stunning ’69 Camaro backed up its pro touring looks with performance to match and left in style with a massive burnout and doughnut. At the end it all, Mitchell simply drove out the gate with the trophy in the back seat

14. Deerk Van Der Kooi’s XE ESP was another SM feature car (Nov ’22) getting the living shit beaten out of it at Motorvation, although it might need a little bit of a touch-up after Deerk “accidentally” smashed a set of tyres on Skid Row

15. Matt James has had a bit of a break from the burnout scene while he’s been building up his Unwanted Automotive workshop, but he got well and truly amongst it at Motorvation 37, putting on a great show in the UNWANTED VF ute to take third in the Pro-class burnouts

16. Steve Sines takes the family for a ‘cruise’ in KINGER. He’s been busy working with his daughter Lacey to build her first skid car, an HJ ute dubbed KINGERZ. You can follow the build on Instagram @kingerz_ute_build, although it looks like it’s turning out a bit too nice for a skid car

17. Daniel Catalano has done a bunch of work to the front end of BLOWN40 to lower it some 300mm to improve the handling – and reduce the chance of it tipping onto its side. The engine just came back from a freshen-up at BNR, and it didn’t miss a beat. Daniel came away with second place in the Pro burnouts

Motorvation burnout results

Pro Class

  1. ANTHONY PAGE – 1978 HZ Holden
  2. DANIEL CATALANO – 1973 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser ute
  3. MATT JAMES – 2015 Holden VF Commodore ute

Sportsman Class

  1. TRISTHAN BRUCE POWERS – 1993 Ford EB Falcon
  2. DAYNE BAIRSTOW – 1994 Ford XG Falcon ute
  3. ZACHARY GILES – 2000 Ford AU Falcon

Open Class

  1. CHRIS ORCHARD – 1983 Holden VH Commodore SL/E
  2. MATTHEW OWENS – 2003 Holden VY Commodore SS wagon
  3. SHANE GARDINER –1973 Holden HQ One Tonner