Nine-second Barra-powered Ford Falcon FG-X XR6 Turbo –Video

This final-model Falcon has plenty of stonk, packing over 800hp of Barra goodness


IT’S NO secret that Ford’s Barra inline six engine is a beaut thing, capable of making some serious power for not a whole lot of money. Sadly, with the death of the Aussie Ford Falcon in late 2016, the Barra went with it, but the news is not all bad. The FG-X Falcon was the last of the breed to see out Australia-built Fords, and the Barras that were fitted under their evil-looking snouts are arguably the pick of the bunch.

The guys over at FullBoost recently followed Steel Seres and his new FG-X XR6 Turbo Falcon for its first test night at Calder Park Raceway. Steel is no stranger to fast sixes, and after a few turns of the wheel he cracked out a PB of 9.39@150mph after two consecutive nine-second passes – not bad for a car that drove two hours each way to and from the strip.

The car was built and tuned by Steel himself, with aftermarket rods, pistons, oil pump gears and cams fitted, as well as the Barra must-haves of valve springs and head studs. A Turbo 400 ’box has been used in place of the old ZF six-speed auto, and a customised billet rear end keeps the Falcon hooked up. Still using the standard crank, head and block, the ferocious Barra will sing its way up to 640rwkW, or 858hp in the old language. How about that for a family sedan!

The juice comes courtesy of a Garrett GT4508 spinning at 34psi, while Shockworks coil-overs keep the grey bullet dead-straight at over 240km/h down the strip.

Is this the quickest true street FG-X? With the owner’s eyes set on low nines, we’re sure that if it isn’t already one of the swiftest Barra Falcons out there, it’s well on its way to being one.