2000hp Barra-powered FG Falcon street car in the build

Jim Gianna's FG Falcon isn't your average XR6 Turbo, he hopes it will run sevens at the drag strip!


JIM Gianna is building what promises to be one of the wildest Barra-powered street cars in Australia. His goals for this FG Falcon are 2000hp and seven-second timeslips, which would make it the first seven-second street car powered by Ford’s bulletproof six and one of the meanest FGs in existence.

The build of this wild FG started about 12 months ago when Jim picked up this XR6 as a stocker and immediately got to work turning it into PRO FG. While a lot of the original car has been thrown in the bin, Jim is keen to retain all the creature comforts like a radio, demister and electric windows.

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Daniel at NextGen Race Cars has taken care of most of the fabrication side of things. PRO FG rocks a six-point ANDRA-spec chrome-moly rollcage, but where things get really cool is the arse-end. The boys set this thing up with a full rear clip, which is all stitched into the rollcage and the factory rails. From that they’ve mounted a triangulated four-link Pro9 nine-inch diff with 35-spline axles, Strange centre and coil-over rear suspension. Daniel also managed to squeeze a 325/50 drag radial into the factory wheel tubs.

“We initially went with an X275 tyre, but we still had plenty of room, and with 2000hp I thought we’ll probably need a bigger tyre,” Jim says.

“So I borrowed a 325/50 wheel and tyre and it fit perfectly! It’s surprising how much room is in the wheel tubs.

“The FGs also have a full chassis rail, so there wasn’t a whole lot of structural work that had to go into making it all work.”

There was a fair bit of work involved in making the carbonfibre tailshaft fit, however. “Because they shatter if they break, we wanted to ensure it had plenty of clearance, just out of safety,” Jim says. So Daniel raised the whole transmission tunnel by a couple of inches.

As for the monster 2000hp engine Jim has planned for this thing, he’s done all of that himself. Which you might think is crazy, but Jim has built loads of serious Barra combos before and had another big-banger Falcon previous to PRO FG. The engine is a standard-stroke 4.0-litre Barra with a billet crank, billet rods, custom pistons, a billet crank girdle and billet main caps, so it’s definitely built tough.

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Up top it retains the factory cylinder head with solid cams, lifters and the rest of the fruit. It’ll be boosted by a Precision 88/91 turbo and run all the Plazmaman gear, including a 12-injector intake manifold. Jim hopes it’ll make his hoped-for 2000hp figure by 8500rpm. “I don’t really want to make my power from revving it too hard; I’d rather cram boost into it. We’ll probably go to 60-70psi.”

That might sound ridiculous, but Jim reckons his previous engine combo ran 40psi through it for three years without any dramas, and this one is built significantly stronger. He’s also got gun tuner Ben D’Annello from D’Annello Performance on the case.

This is one car we’re really looking forward to seeing finished and running some fast times at the drag strip. Who reckons Jim should come on Drag Challenge?