We chat to the guys at Turbosmart about some of their new and innovative products at SEMA 2017


THE guys from Turbosmart were at SEMA in Las Vegas last month flying the flag for Aussie innovation in the turbo world. This Australian company started out making simple wastegates and blow off valves; now they’re into every aspect of turbocharging an engine from electronic boost controllers, to fuel pressure regulators and now even turbo oil pressure regs.

 This year the guys showed off their Gen V wastegate range at SEMA; the first clean-sheet redesign of their class-leading external wastegates for around ten years. Using computer modelling technology they’ve been able to massage the design in a number of areas to improve the overall efficiency of the product and ultimately boost performance and longevity.

Turbosmart are currently the only aftermarket manufacturer to sell an oil pressure regulator for a turbo. The idea behind this is most turbo manufacturers specify a maximum oil pressure for the oil being fed into the turbocharger to improve its longevity – too much oil pressure could damage the seals and pump oil through your intercooler and back into the engine or burnt through the exhaust.

During cold start-ups it’s common for the oil pressure to be significantly above what turbo manufacturers recommend for their turbos. By installing a regulator before the turbo, it’s always going to see consistent oil pressure.

Check out the video as we chat to one of the lead engineers responsible for the development of the Gen V wastegate range.