Turbosmart unveils new range of turbos, intercoolers, blow-off valves, wastegates and more at SEMA!

Turbosmart has unveiled a whopping seven new products at SEMA 2023, including a number of industry firsts


Turbosmart has been the industry leader in boost technology since its birth in 1997, and has been dominating the new products sector and awards at SEMA for the past couple of years.

It comes as no surprise that the company chose SEMA as the place to drop seven new products, including several industry-first parts that nobody has seen before.

The first of those is thenew ProOPR rising-rate oil pressure regulator for turbos. It follows on from Turbosmart’s ProOPR regulator that was unveiled this time last year, now with rising rate technology. The purpose is to allow oil pressure to the turbo to rise and fall with boost load, based on boost pressure reference, giving lower pressures at idle and higher PSI when under heavy load at high boost.

Another first is the BoostGate50, which is not a traditional wastegate. The BoostGate50 uses the electronic e-Gate tech that Turbosmart has already pioneered, but for the cold side of the system. It’s a new way to allow boost to bleed off without using the exhaust wastegate, and Turbosmart says it’ll be a popular item once people get their heads around its benefits.

Speaking of gates, Turbosmart has also bolstered its electronic exhaust wastegate range with the StraightGate40 and the mammoth StraightGate76. The 40 is a smaller alternative for those not wanting to run the existing 50mm version, and the 76 is for those moving enough air to rotate the bloody earth. It’s hooge!

In the blow-off valve department, Turbosmart has added the RacePort EM Valve to its arsenal. Capable of flowing up to 2500hp, it’s the highest flowing blow-off valve on the market. Like all their new products it’s an electronically controlled valve, so that gives users a bunch of handy features. They include being able can hang the valve open, and allow boost to bleed off. Being electronic, they’re easy to integrate into newer OEM set-ups and give a lot more control over mechanical valves.

The flagship of Turbosmart’s new products at SEMA this year sees the first part of the company’s name finally being added to the range: turbos! They’re available in both oil- and water-cooled types, with V-band fitment as well as T3 and T4 if needed. They’re reverse rotation for those wanting a mirror-image set-up, and have been designed to be as light and compact as possible.

The final addition is that of an intercooler, another first for Turbosmart. This one has been specifically designed to suit Ford F150s with either the EcoBoost 2.7L or V6 3.5L engines. It’s the beginning of the company’s intercooler range, one we reckon will get bolstered pretty quickly now the first one is on the market.

You can view all the new products by visiting the Turbosmart website.