Brodie De Aguiar’s bright pink, slammed-to-the-weeds Gem is certainly hard to miss

Videographers: Brad Miskiewicz

BRODIE De Aguiar (rhymes with Jaguar) has owned this TX Gemini coupe for around six years, and has been developing it over that time into one wild piece of gear. He bought the car as a painted shell, so you can’t go too hard on him for the colour choice, but there’s one thing that’s certain – you don’t miss it in a crowd!

Brodie De AguiarWith Specialty Air six-inch ’bags up front and Air Ride ShockWaves in the rear as well as tubs and a four-link, Brodie can get the car right on the ground and over those gorgeous WatercooledIND LP1s that measure up at 18×8.5 and 18×10.

BAGGEM HOlden GeminiThe interior has copped a few custom touches, as well as a rollcage, which gives some indication it’s not just for show.

Brodie has managed to wring over 350hp out of the little Isuzu 1.6-litre thanks to a Precision 5858 turbo and a diet of E85, and although he hasn’t had it down the track yet, he did get some cruising in at Summernats 30.

BAGGEM Holden GeminiWe caught up with him at the recent WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular to have a chat and a closer look.