Brodie Francis’s 1977 LX Torana

Brodie Francis from Port Lincoln, South Australia, managed to punch out her LX Torana build just months before her wedding

Photographers: Darren Shaw

HAVING been immersed in old-school Holdens since she was a toddler, Brodie Francis has a pronounced fondness for Lion-badged rides – preferably with a rumbling V8 up front. In fact, her enthusiasm runs so deep that she decided to punch out her ’77 LX Torara build only months before her wedding. Brodie then drove herself to the ceremony in scorching February heat. We caught up with her to find out more.

First published in the February 2022 issue of Street Machine

How’d you catch the revhead bug?

My much older brother had an HQ Monaro, so as a young kid I’d hear him driving down the street towards home and the windows would rattle – it was so awesome. Since then, I’ve always loved old-school Holdens. My daily is a CV8 Monaro, which I bought when I was 21 years old. I then saved my pennies, and four years later, I bought my LX Torana sedan.

Tell us about it.

I found the LX on Gumtree in 2016, back when they were easier to get. The Torana has a 253ci, four-speed manual and banjo rear. It was driveable but not roadworthy – it had so much rust! You could legit see through the floors to the road below; even the interior was in bad shape. The car had been sitting outside in country Victoria.

Quite the project.

Yes! My hubby Aidan and I stripped the Torana, then our best mate’s dad fitted the new floorpans. Next, the Torana went to my father-in-law Andrew’s workshop, where we added a couple of fresh doors and helped with sanding and bodywork before Andrew gave it a respray. The car was gold from factory, so I debated on whether to go back to that. But I decided to keep the Mandarin Red that was already on it – it looks sick. Finally, Aidan and I freshened-up the interior over a few late nights.

And this was all built to a deadline?

February 2021 was our wedding – that was the deadline. Everyone tried to talk me out of it, but I told them, “It’s my car and I’m driving it to my wedding!”

What was it like being your own wedding chauffeur?

There’s nothing better than driving an old-school car with no power steering or air conditioning. It was February, so I had the windows down because it was so hot, but I was trying not to mess up my wedding makeup and hair. It was so much fun!

What’s next for the LX?

I like the OG stuff, so I’ll keep the factory fitments. Future plans are to fit a cam, up the compression ratio and add a bigger carby. Maybe there’ll be a baby seat in the back one day as well.

Anyone to thank?

James Gotch Mechanical; JK Auto Electrical; Andrew Thompson for the paint; Adam Robins; Darren Shaw; Ivan Robins Fabrication & Welding; my hubby Aidan.

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