Some of NSW's toughest cars competed at the Street Machine Supernats, held at Sydney Dragway last weekend

Videographers: Shane Pike

THE 22ND running of the Street Machine Supernats was a damp affair at Sydney Dragway last Saturday, with overcast conditions and showers keeping spectator and entrant numbers fairly low for the one day event.

Entrant quality was high however, with some of the toughest cars from NSW in attendance as the likes of Phil Kerjean’s TUFFST, Jake Myers’s SICKO, Danny Younis’s Capri and Tristan Ocker’s MINCER all shared pit space with a hundred other entrants.

Supernats is a show and go event, with part of the pits devoted to the show cars while the rest is split between drag and burnout machines. We got to see some killer performances from the drag guys, including Tristan Ocker’s first six-second run, but unfortunately the burnout guys missed out on their track time when the clouds closed in and dumped some decent rain over the dragway.

Promoter Ahmet Kadri had a few sleepness night before the event and actually cancelled it briefly on Thursday, but the entrants all wanted to go ahead so they decided go ahead with the event despite the unfavourable weather predictions. Ahmet will be trying again in a couple months with an event planned for later in the year. We’ll let you know the dates when they come to hand.

In the meantime check out some of the action captured by Shane Pike during the day.