Muscle Car Madness burnouts in Rangiora, NZ – Video

Kiwis spend a weekend smashing tyres on a baby burnout pad at Muscle Car Madness

Photographers: Alastair Ritchie

THE 30th showing of Muscle Car Madness in Rangiora, New Zealand, offered up a delightfully mixed bag of Kiwi skid machines.

To a bracing backdrop of live music, spectators packed themselves around the diminutive piece of tarmac that functioned as the burnout pad, using whatever means necessary to secure a good view. One keen punter even scaled a several-storeys-high pine tree to watch the action unimpeded.

Burnout entries were open to any man or woman brave enough to hit the small, round pad, with the top 10 competitors from Saturday returning for another shot on Sunday. Like the rest of Muscle Car Madness, a wide variety of cars turned out to destroy some tyres, with everything from turbocharged rat rods to Cobra Jet-powered Falcons having a go.

Hayden Wilby’s VT SS should be familiar to anybody who visited this year’s Summernats. Fresh from a tilt at the ’Nats Burnout Masters competition, he took on the tiny pad in his NUTOUT Commodore, the stock-bottom-end LS1 helping the car throw up an impressive veil of pink smoke.

Another ’Nats veteran, Jacob Warren’s SHREDDER Chevrolet, also stood out. Jacob’s two assaults on the pad offered up a brutal display of power.

For a diminutive pad on the edge of the world, the burnouts at this year’s Muscle Car Madness punched well above their weight. Check out the video for all the highlights, and crank the volume!

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