Rusty XB Fairmont hardtop up for auction

Highly sought-after 351-powered ’74 XB Fairmont coupe in need of some serious TLC


TIME is running out to secure a highly sought-after 351-powered ’74 XB Fairmont coupe via a Grays Online auction, which ends this evening (10/05/2017). At the time of writing the price is just $12,609, which seems like a steal for such a desirable car. However, the ol’ girl is not without her issues…

Rusty Ford Falcon XB rearUnder “Other notes” at the end of the listing are the words “corrosion evident”. A quick flick through the pics reveals that this is an accurate appraisal of the vehicle’s condition: the corrosion is very evident indeed!

Rusty Ford Falcon XB frontThe poor thing looks like more of a sea-find than a barn-find. The leading edge of the bonnet, the bottom edges of the doors, the sills, those shapely rear quarter panels and the roof are all infested with bastard tin-worm, to an extent rarely seen on such a ‘complete’ car. You could even stick your fist through a rust hole in the middle of the boot lid, should the mood take you.

Rusty Ford Falcon XB sideThe once-mighty 351ci Cleveland V8 turns over, but doesn’t fire. Chances are it’s done some work, too, with an impressive 443,312km showing on the odometer.

Rusty Ford Falcon XB engine bayThe interior is all there, but in dire need of restoration. We dig the old-school SAAS sports twirler, which is undoubtedly the highlight on the cabin.

Rusty Ford Falcon XB interiorHowever, in an age when two-door Aussie muscle cars of the 60s and 70s routinely fetch sums well north of $100,000 – even $300,000 in some cases – it has to be worth something. It would be a job and a half to restore the car, but with an unprecedented number of aftermarket body parts available and dwindling stocks of original Aussie classics, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.

Rusty Ford Falcon XB roof Who knows, we might be looking at the next XBOSS!

See the listing here