We got a new workshop truck! – Carnage Plus episode 75

We debut our new tow rig – and address a few rumours


WHILE crazy machines like the MX-5 and Turbo Taxi are central to the Carnage world, the support cars behind the scenes are just as important.

When we (inevitably) blow up something at the track or need to move a big bunch of parts, we need support cars that will actually work and not let us down. Ford has been awesome-sauce in this department, providing us with a whole bunch of Rangers, Everests and even the occasional Mustang to use for Drag Challenge, Street Machine Summernats and, critically, Carnage.

This week we got our hands on a fresh new FX4 Ranger to replace the Everest that Scotty had been bombing around in. We’ve used these in the past to tow our project cars all over the country, and they’re awesome for it. We’ve gone to Summernats in Canberra and even to Alice Springs for Red CentreNATS with no dramas.

Scotty also wanted to address some rumours regarding his recent holiday. While for him it was a genuine chance to just clear his mind, people took the coincidental timing of the break to assume he had been tested, quarantined, laid off, eaten by a badger, and so on and so forth. We can confirm none of those redtop theories are even remotely true, and Carnage and Scotty are back firing on all cylinders.